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   AJS Machine - Deluxe Aluminum T-Maxx Stand  RATING:

tool tray



We know this is one of those items that is on everyone's "wish list" but often times, you find other places to spend your money. Time for a reality check: if you beat your truck, it is going to break! A quality stand will help you fix it fast, easy and with fewer headaches. Not only that it is a cool place to park the beast when you are not driving it. After getting our grubby mitts on this stand, we can only wonder why it took us so long to get smart and get one!

FIRST IMPRESSION: The stand comes in two flavors; T-Maxx and Savage. Since we were in the middle of building a T-Maxx in the shop, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Everything comes packaged nicely and is individually wrapped in heavy plastic to prevent any shipping damage. Nice feature considering when you are spending hard earned cash on a truck stand, you want it to look nice as long as possible. If it works half as good as it looks, we are in for a treat.

QUALITY: The machine work on the stand, tool tray and the stabilizer feet is exceptional with no rough edges. It is easy to see that these pieces were created using a CNC machine of decent ability. The spot welds on the braces underneath the stand have deep penetration for strength. The overall quality is top notch. This will be a tool that lasts a LONG time.

cradle designPERFORMANCE: We opted for the "Deluxe" model which includes the optional tool tray (oh baby this is a killer feature) and the stabilizer feet. Assembly is short, sweet and simple. AJS includes decent hardware for you to do the job. Eight screws and four nuts later, you are ready to go. Oh yeah, they also send a few decals to trick out your stand, toolbox and your ride. Gotta love the sticky's!

The first thing we notice when setting our T-Maxx onto the stand is how easy it is to do. Nothing to line up. Nothing to do wrong. A chimpanzee could put a truck on this stand correctly (obviously because we were able to do it and we are slightly dumber than the average chimp). The center of the stand is tapered (AJS calls it a "cradle" design) and guides the chassis braces onto the stand perfectly. No need to worry about putting it on backwards either. The truck can be mounted in either direction and is held very securely in place without the use of clamps or screws. Never once did the stand give us the impression it was unstable or the the truck wanted to shift. The stand is actually quite stable without the stabilizer feet, however when you really start wrenching on the truck, they are worth having. Quite an impressive performance!

The tool tray is great and easily holds a mitt full of screws, glow plugs, a hand full of wrenches and a glow igniter. And that's just one one side! There is a tray on both sides. The tray is a solid feature (made from one piece of aluminum) and saves you time chasing tools and screws around when you are wrenching.

Very little is blocked by the stand. You have access to the majority of the truck minus the chassis braces and the skid plates. These are items that you flip the truck on its back (or top however you look at it) to work on anyway.

FIT / FINISH: The feet are attached by four screws and the holes are pre-threaded (nice touch). The tool tray mounted with four screws and nuts in the center of the stand. Again, all the hardware is included and is of good quality. All the holes lined up perfectly. It sits squarely on a flat surface (nothing worse than a wobbly stand). Very clean and professional.

APPEARANCE: The quality of the stand is pronounced and certainly adds to the overall appearance. Smooth and sensible bends and burr-less edges add to the package. The brushed finish hides minor scratches nicely and will keep the stand looking good for a long time.

COST / VALUE: The tool tray is $24.95, the feet are $8.95 and the stand itself is $54.95. If you order them as the "Deluxe" package, you save $4 in shipping. Let us should order the Deluxe package (total cost without shipping $88.85). It is worth the money without a doubt.

It is easy to see that a great deal of time and thought went into this stand. It is stable and well made from quality aluminum. It is lightweight yet even with a truck on it, it feels strong and secure. This is due to the wide stance, the long center section and the "cradle" that keeps a good grip on the truck. The tool tray saves time and frustration while the feet are a no brainer at less than $9. Use it a couple of times and it has paid for itself.

THE VERDICT: We looked hard but were unable to find anything wrong with this stand. This is an excellent tool. The only bad thing is you will want to buy one for every truck you own! Hey, I guess that isn't a bad thing at all! We think you will agree it is a beautiful piece of work.

Visit the AJS Machine web site to learn more this stand and other products they offer. You can also purchase this and other cool items (like Bead Lock Wheels) right on their site. Bonus, they also take PayPal.

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