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Thread: Exceed RC?

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    Default Exceed RC?

    Anyone heard of them? I hadn't. Yet there are Youtube videos from at least 2008. I thought Redcat was the elcheapo ripoff company. Guess I was wrong. Looks like there's HSP, Aleko and others. They all share some parts. Anyway...I found this Exceed 1/10 Infinitive 4wd truck at a thrift store. Bought many from pawnshops, but not thrift stores. I don't usually buy off brands. But it looked brand new, had all the paperwork, some spare parts and a Redcat starting kit with it. The radio is a spektrum clone, so it had to be newer. 50% VIP day. Got it for 75.00.

    Convinced my oldest son it needed a good home. He's the new owner. The body was missing and the driveshaft to the rear diff. Not sure why. The diff is fine and so are the drive cups. There is evidence that someone tried to start the CX-18. Fuel spilled on the frame. Pulls over smooth, with a lot of compression. The electronics all work, but the radio settings are backwards. We can fix that. Might be an explanation. Just didn't know what they were doing.

    Parts are still available, sort of. Looks like others have figured out replacements from other manufacturers. Not too worried about that. He also picked up a slightly used one on Ebay for 80.00. Gets him a body, a bunch of parts and a radio set up for another Tamiya car he's wanted to resurrect. Win/Win.

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    Default Re: Exceed RC?

    Good deal for a clean nitro. Make some noise, tear it up, and wake the neighbors!
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