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Thread: ECX 2WD Circuit

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    Default ECX 2WD Circuit

    Figured I'd follow up on an earlier post. Found this ECX 2WD Circuit at a local pawnshop. Someone painted over the body with black paint. Talked them down to 50.00.

    Yeah, could go brushless, but then I'd need a new charger and GOOD Lipos aren't cheap. Plus, beef up the drive train. Way too much money to spend on a cheap truck. If racing was my intention, there are better vehicles. This was purchased with the intent of bashing with the grandkids.

    With the 20T motor, 19T pinion and the 1800 mAh Ni-MH battery, it was really lame. Like an RC from Wallie World. A trip to the LHS was in order. Picked up a Dynamite 15T, 22T pinion, a Lectron Pro 7 cell 3000 mAh Ni-MH battery and a Traxxas adapter. Better selection of batteries with the Traxxas plug. Had to cut the battery holder to fit the 7 cell hump pack, but that was easy. The longer style didn't fit. Also picked up a Venom 3000. We'll see which one holds up better and buy a couple more of those.

    That really woke it up. But the motor was running pretty warm. Especially after the second battery. Picked up a Yeah Racing heat sink. Even has a slot in it to not cover up the little fan in the Dynamite motor. Does a great job of keeping the temp down and clears the skid plate.

    The next issue I had was the steering. There is a steering rate knob on the transmitter. Even messing with that the stock servo woudn't turn the wheels at a dead stop and it wasn't fast enough. Found an ARRMA servo. It's not a huge difference if you compare stats, but the price was right and it fits. The wheels now turn while stopped and it's faster. Watch Ebay, got mine for 18.00.

    That combination was working really well until the 15T just stopped. Turns out it burned the wire off at the terminal. The heat shrink held it in place. They used such thin gauge wire. The motor is probably fine, but I'd put heavier wires on it if used again.
    Had already bought a Team Associated Reedy 17T. This was definitely faster than the 15T. But even with the heat sink and the 19T pinion, it ran so hot you could fry an egg on it. It did not like the 8.4 volts at all. Was debating what to do next, when my son surprised me with this.

    A Trinity Monster Maxx 17T. Was meant for his E Maxx, but only had the one. It's a 550 motor. Wow! Not quite as fast on the top end, but lots of torque. Pulls wheelies with the 22T pinion. Might still play around with that, but liking this combo a lot. Would highly recommend a 550 motor if you want to go 7 cells. So far the Dynamite Tazer 15T ESC has worked fine through all of this. It barely gets warm even after several batteries.
    Didn't have to, but got a new body and tires.
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    Default Re: ECX 2WD Circuit

    Looks good. A brusheless combo on ebay can be had for very small money. Your one of the few not using lipos, just bite the bullet and look on hobbywing. You wont believe the difference. You dont have to buy the most expensive. Ive just bought a few turnigy 2s 5000 60 for 22 a piece. At least borrow one of someone to wet your pallet.
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    Default Re: ECX 2WD Circuit

    That's a steal of a rig, I really want to get a budget ST to get back into running. I never thought about running a 550 can in something like this. Hobbyking is about the cheapest option for going lipo, I've ran turnigy for years without an issue.
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    Default Re: ECX 2WD Circuit

    Don't leave me hanging...where did you find that Trinity motor?

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