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    If you are tired of breaking you lugs off you stock wheels and buying new rims. I have a simple fix for you. This happens on the clodbuster and juggernaut type wheels with the small satellite holes. It can happen to the Txt -1 and 2 rims too. I have come up with a simple fix but it requires some lathe work. You will need to use the wheel hub as a jig and drill the satalite holes where the lugs used to be. drill threw rim. If all the lugs are gone a you will need to use the wheel axle as a centering guide to locate the holes. You will see where the old lugs are. Use some CA to temporary hold the hub from moving once you have line up the old lugs. You can then drill hole's threw the rim with a .167 drill. Now comes the lathe work. You will need to turn some round stock to .166 x .170 to use as new lugs and tap them threw with a 4-40 tap. Or just drill to slip fit??? Final assemble requires a 4-40 x 1/2 cap bolt and two 3 mm washers and a 4-40 nylock nut. Place one 3mm washer on the 4-40x 1/2 cap bolt . Thread the lug nut spacer .167 x .180 on tight ( check new pin for proper fit. You may need to polish the pin some to fit the satellite hole) and push the assemble threw the new lug nut hole from the outside of the wheel. On the back side place the wheel hub pace one washer on the cap screw and one nylock nut and tighten. Repeat for all broken lugs on wheels. works good as new. You will be pulling more and doing more wheelies.
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