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Thread: My first Slash! I love ir!

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    Default My first Slash! I love ir!

    Hi Everyone,

    It has been 3 days with my Slash and I have to say I absolutely love it! I cannot believe how much fun I am having. What a fun little vehicle this thing is. When I think back to my last RC truck, the Mountain Man Blazer and think about the 8 D cell battery fun my mind boggles. It is unbelieve how far things have come.

    I cannot believe how fast it is! It has taken practice to drive this thing, I have flipped it, cart wheeled it, hit a bunch of trees, poles, signs, and fences, hit my house and my shins twice. I love watching it streak across my yard, down the sideway, and down the street. I am using this truck as a basher for now and I find the differing terrains a lot of fun.

    After struggling to with control issues, took the advice of Traxxas and moved the lower front shock mounts to the outside hole, the rears to the middle and installed the 4mm pre load clips on the fronts. This improved the handling and control significantly and made it a lot more fun to drive.

    I was looking to get some information, ideas, suggestions, or opinions on a couple of issues. I am looking for some recommendations on tire choice and ways to increase the way it handles.

    I am running it on various surfaces. A short bladed, patchy maintained yard, a huge rolling field of short field grass, concrete sidewalks, blacktop driveway and macadam country road. I am looking for the best combination of tires, steering, and handling.

    It is two wheel drive model, stock out of the box, only the aforementioned shock adjustments. It is running 2S, 8000 mah, 100C lipo. I look forward to hearing back with your ideas. Thank you all in advance for the time. Have a great evening!

    George D.

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    Default Re: My first Slash! I love ir!

    Welcome to BYT! Slash is a great truck, glad you are enjoying it.
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    Default Re: My first Slash! I love ir!

    Welcome to BYT!!!
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    Default Re: My first Slash! I love ir!

    Thank you guys for the welcome!

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    Default Re: My first Slash! I love ir!

    Hobbywing wp sc8 and a 9t brushless will open your eyes ! Both my slashes run these and are waterproof which ok is a non essential but then handy if you have an accident in a huge puddle !
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