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Thread: Project LST XXL-2E WARRIOR

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    Default Project LST XXL-2E WARRIOR

    So I noticed that the pictures I put up didn't come through. So here's a link to my photo library.

    im building a lst xxl-2E from the ground up. I bought the parts piece by piece to build a truck that I have wanted for many years. So I started buy buying parts from eBay (JRC) and dollarhobbyz website. I will link the websites here.

    some may say you will spend more money building an rc piece by piece then you will just buying an RTR. But it's all in the fun of it. In fact I'm building this truck to have a center differential. You can't buy a RTR lst factory with a center diff so I'm building one.

    So, so far this has been a very long and time consuming build. Learning how everything goes together, which screws go where, how to make this center differential mod work. It's coming together Slowly.

    Im going to be using a castle creations traxxas branded mamba monster 2 system. Reason for the traxxas branded castle system is because I like the black motor casing and the ESC case is a nice blue. (Something different). Radio and receiver will be either a traxxas or spektrum. Haven't totally decided yet. For steering I'm not to sure yet either. Maybe hi-tec.

    Im planning on doing a single servo steering mod so some custom fab will have to be done.

    The plan for the center diff is to use a losi eight-t center diff with the tekno rc motor mount. Having it mocked up I'm not liking it to much with it being cramped for space. So I decided to do some searching on a few forums and came across one guy on rc- monster that used a thunder tiger MT4-G3 center diff mount with a HPI apache rear center drive shaft. So I'm going to go a head and try this set up as it looks clean but most important works.

    if any one has any advise they can give me for the center diff mod and the single servo mod or anything else please let me know! I'm all eyes and ears! Anything helps. Especially not know everything about these lst's!

    My next batch of parts should be here in a few weeks!
    thanks for looking.
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    Default Re: Project LST XXL-2E WARRIOR

    Any update? Looks like Losi has the center diff. thing updated for you with the version 3 of this truck....
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