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Thread: Where is Everyone1?

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    I only stop in every now and then. I think I was lead here because of some Evader ST thread a few years back. I think of selling my RCs all the time ...sell them to get new ones! Which that never happens. I just by new RCs, because I always have sellers remorse. One more RC platform gap to fill (4wd SC), and then I'm done buying land based stuff...probably.

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    still very much active with RC! but nowadays all the local facebook groups for rc are killing the forums. rarely come on here but i have more rcs than ever and am building up a 130mph xo1 as i type this lol

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    iam still around. but not here much
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    I am still around although back home in California now been busy working and out playing in the 1:1 I bought a 2005 nissan xterra 4wd two years ago. I have added an exceed rc maxstone 10 to my collection so have been playing with it plus still have my stampede 2wd but it is tore down for maintenance at the moment. Also just got in today another maxstone 10 for my daughter for Christmas she likes to drive mine and has been asking for one. And she really impressed me this past Sunday driving a rental one on the indoor crawler course at High Desert Hobbies in Palmdale,Ca
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    i used to be in the chat room all the time, not so much the actual forum.... i grew up went to college, and now i work almost 60 a week, so rc is almost immpossible ( i have been building a drift car for almost a year and an 1:8 buggy for 6 months)

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    Popped in to see what was happening to the site, haven't touched an RC since I blew the trans in my 5T a little over a year and a half ago. I want to get it running to see fi my son is interested in them, and seeing as he loves cars already and is only 11 months old, it shouldn't be too hard to gauge his interest haha!

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    Just made my way back a few days ago after years of being gone. Daughters starting to get into Rc's so I'll be getting back into it not as heavy as I did before tho
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    Default Re: Where is Everyone1?

    I pop in acassionly ,just haven't been active in rc ,just been too busy....that life in changes I guess!...
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    Default Re: Where is Everyone1?

    I'll probably be around a little more now - just picked up a used Savage with an LRP .30 to run for next year!

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    I had been away fro a few years. Changed jobs, moved to a new state, had a pack of grandkids. My wife is so tired of me and my oldest grandson complaining about his Wally World remote she told me she thought it was time I build something for me and buy me and him something little to play with in the meantime. I dont know how much Ill be here, like I said I have a WHOLE pack of grandkids but I do miss this place and all the fun I had here. It was some of the best times I ever had on the interweb....
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    Welcome back BadMinister. Any clue as to what you are going to get?
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    Default Re: Where is Everyone1?

    Facebook. Is it true?

    I would not even know where to begin looking.

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    Default Re: Where is Everyone1?

    Good to know some are still around. I started playing with RC's a bit. Got a used Axial Wraith. Quite a job getting it running good.
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    Default Re: Where is Everyone1?

    Im not a old time guy, but i am still around. just pop in from now and then. Been busy with life a lot lately, new house, job, building a new car. trying to find time for RC when i can. Actually one of the rooms in the new house is being used as my RC/hobby room. So I hope i can get a little more going in the future. Still got all my rigs and then some more lol.

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