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    I am new to RC and looking to build a Traxxas E-Maxx. I would like to go all aluminum; however, I am finding that a lot of the high end manufactures have long since gone out of business. Can anyone direct me in the right direction for quality parts? Are there any other forums to be searching?

    I would be interested in purchasing a completed quality build; however, i can't even access the for sale forum for another 49 posts. If someone has a high end build they would be interested in selling for a good price please send me a email or PM me.

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    Check ebay for roller first 3908 roller to start with then build from there

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    Or just buy all flm parts and rpm parts.

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    Check ebay for gorilla max parts there not cheap since u can't get any more but there some out there on ebay

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    Is it worth it to piece something together or just buy a stock machine. I don't want to buy a $700 dollar machine then have to instantly start putting tons of money into it all the time for broken parts.

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    Stock erevos and emaxxs are pretty stout on 4s they tend to eat up diffs of 6s depending how hard u are jerking the throttle. I have a erevo for sale rtr to run with lipos but can't post yet

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    I don't replace anything till it breaks but yeah a new erevo cost about 700 but is fairly strong basher

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    Pm sent

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    Rpm is the best to go

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