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    I just purchased a Traxxas Stampede and have been looking it over to make sure everything is ready to run while the battery is charging. What I noticed is that out of the box, the front two tires are angled outwards(toe out) instead of being straight or having a bit of inward angle (toe in). My question there a better way (other than eyeballing it) to get the tires correctly aligned so that they are straight?

    Also, I will be picking up another battery and some sort of quick charger tomorrow. I was told the charger that came with my truck would take about 8 hours to charge for about 10-15 minutes worth of run time. Does this sound correct to you guys? Is there a better battery that I should be getting or will any battery with a quick charger work just fine?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Pro-Line makes alignment scales. Some people use a straight edge level and pencil. Place the truck on a sheet of plywood or something and mark the angle of the wheel and then where you need to be as far as it being straight. Not sure why you want the front toe to be at zero. That will really change the handling of the truck. I never touched it. Just no need to as a basher. The more toe out the better it will turn, unless there is too much toe out.
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    I've got it set about zero now. I guess I'll just have to run it and see if I like how it handles or not. I wondered if there was a reason or not as to why it had sooooo much toe out. IMHO it was too much. I guess I find out tomorrow.

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    Toe in helps straight line tracking, toe out, helps with better turn in, and 2wd trucks especially benefit from this, even 4wd buggies and truggies are usually setup with toe out up front and some toe in at the back. They really do drive better that way.
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    I'll put some toe out back on the front wheels and see how she does. I ran it the last two days with zero toe and it ran really well. Thanks for the advice guys!

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