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Thread: List Your Rc's

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    Traxxas T-Maxx-3906 E-Maxx Transmission, EZ Run 80A ESC. 2230kv motor, RPM Front Arms and steering knuckles, RPM true track kit, RPM shock towers/body mounts, aluminum chassis brace and front skid, 4S, silly amounts of torque.
    Associated RC18T-RPM Arms all around, RPM Shock Towers, RPM Bumper, GPM Aluminum threaded shocks, MIP CVD's, MERV wing, 18B wing mount, Pro Line Crowd Pleazer and Jconcepts Illuzion, Dynamite C4 9200kv motor and Dynamite Mini Tazer ESC
    Traxxas Mustang Boss 302 VXL
    Redcat Earthquake 8E-Parma Xciter body
    Axial SCX10 Honcho-RC4WD 1.9 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws
    Losi Micro SCT-8750kv motor, Xcelorin ESC, 300mAh LiPo
    Losi Micro DT-10250kv Motor, Xcelorin ESC, 300mAh LiPo, Aluminum rear bearing carriers, aluminum front steering blocks, aluminum front C-hubs, threaded axles, CVD's, oil filled shocks, bearings, aluminum spur gear
    Venom VMX 450
    Duratrax 1/5 Firehammer MT-TGN X-Can, some other parts that I can't remember, Outerwears shock covers
    Kyosho Raider Pro-Traxxas XL5 ESC(original buggy had an MSC)
    Losi Micro Crawler-SVEN's Pinch Chassis, LiPo, weighted front tires
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    I love integy.... their aluminum spreads on toast so easy, and smooth...
    Build a man a fire he stays warm for a night. Set a man on fire he stays warm for a lifetime
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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    Rustler-5700, hitec 645
    Slash 4x4 platinum
    FLM savage-645, OFNA .28, dynamite 086
    T4- 19t and stock ESC
    18t- Stock
    Kyosho boat- XL5 and titan 12t
    And life goes on

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    HPI Savage 4.6 SS(converting to BL)
    TRX Stampede 2WD
    TRX Jato 3.3

    Sig by Stampedevxl^

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    New BYT Member SteelRat's Avatar
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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    in for a penny..

    Tamiya King Blackfoot with Monster Beetle shell
    Tamiya Bear Hawk
    Tamiya Blitzer Beetle
    Taimiya Sand Scorcher
    2x Tamiya Clodbusters (both hand built custom chassis')
    3x Axial AX10s (2 custom chasis, 1 TCS XTrail scaler chassis)
    HPI E-Firestorm
    Traxxas Slash 4x4
    Tamiya Mad Bull
    Custom Tamiya Frog with King Blackfoot gear box
    Custom LWB ORV chassis made by joining 2 ORV chassis together
    Mardave stock car
    Tamiya TL01B
    Tamiya TL01 (basic drifter with Carson Audi Quattro body)
    Tamiya Lunchbox
    Tamiya Falcon (pictured as avatar)
    Tamiya Plasma Edge (F.OFF project)
    Tamiya TA03F (custom rally car with RetroRacing Cortina Mk1 body project)
    Tamiya TA03R (WIP and still in bits!)
    Marui Big Bear (WIP Resto)
    RC Garage:

    BL Monster Beetle, BL DF02, LunchBox, BL Falcon, BL Blitzer Beetle, 3xAX10, 2xDT-01, 2xTL-01, ReRe Sand Scorcher, Slash 4x4, 2x Mod Clods, HPI E-Firestorm

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's


    Fiero GTP 1401kit
    Fiero GTP 1402rtr w/ fiero modding
    SRT w/ fieroman lto conversion
    Blue Eagle LS (buggy conversion)
    SledgeHammer (fiero'd)
    Stampede xl1

    RC10 graphite [6 gear]
    RC10gt Novarossi K12
    RC10gt OS cv15

    Losi Mini Slider
    GS Racing Storm Unlimited Truck (e-conversion)
    OCM Kaos DT19T team car prototype
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    TRX FTW!

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    Losi Mini slider
    Losi mini silder stocker
    losi 8ight T 1.0
    Losi 8ight T 2.0
    Losi MRC
    Losi XXX-t MF2 sv2 4600
    HPi blitz ese MMp 3800
    HPI savage flux
    HPI super nitro rally
    Axial scx-10
    Thunder tiger xxb
    Venom creeper

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    TA sc8e with mmm 2200kv and 4s
    xray t2 with mamba max pro 5700 3s spped car, hoping for 80mph
    savvy, im trying to sell but still counts
    just bought a baja today
    and my little blade msr.

    almost wish i had Frankenslash still, but it was dead

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    BYT Member donovan's Avatar
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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    5 nitro savages
    baja 5b
    t maxx 3.3
    nitro 4 tec 3.3
    4 savages
    everything else is in pieces lol

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    BYT Member canie's Avatar
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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    Axial SCX10 kit version, XL-5 ESC and 27t motor, lights.
    Traxxas Rustler VXL, Hot Bodies VE8 body, Proline Pro-Trac kit, Losi springs.
    Traxxas Summit, Mamba Monster Max ESC, 2200kv motor, big HPI Goliath tires, steel center CVDs.

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    Axial AX-10 Fastback II
    2 Kyosho Turbo Raider's
    1 Kyosho Raider ARR
    Team Losi XXX-T MF1 Trying to make a shelf queen
    Team Losi XXX-T MF2 Brushless toy
    Team Associated MGT 8.0 brushless conversion
    Traxxas Nitro Rustler, 3.3 with Traxxas resonator
    Traxxas Revo Big Block Conversion
    Traxxas E-Revo Basher
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    That was so 80...
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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    Well not very impressive.

    Axial Xr10 w/Chaotic Crawlers Special LW chassis.
    Losi MRC Pro

    Axial XR10

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    Five Savages? That seems excessive. lol

    I thought I was bad at a total of six!

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    look at my signature! except no more t4.1 and the addition of a brushless sc18!
    HPI Baja
    8ight E~4s Lipo~Xcelorion 1300kv~ Mamba Max Pro
    Losi 810e~4s Lipo~Losi 2100kv~EZ Run HK 80a ESC

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    umm..'s a list, not listing mods and whatnot.. that could take all night.
    1. Tamiya cc01 landcruiser
    2. Axial scx10 honcho
    3. rem 1/8 conversion stampede
    4. old rustler
    5. evader (pro I think)
    6. T3 "project low buck"
    7. T4
    8. Losi High Roller 1/10th
    9. Evader DT
    10. Blitz
    11. losi 22
    12. Arrma raider
    13. ECX Boost
    14. another ECX Boost
    15.losi mini latemodel
    16.exceed driftstar
    17. RJ Speed pro stock
    18.older HPI RS4
    19. thunder tiger sparrowhawk XB
    20.losi night crawler
    21.old pan car mostly custom built..started life as a bolink eliminator maybe?
    22. custom associated based oval racer
    23. Vintage Tamiya pajero. (similar to a wild willy)
    24.Blade MSR (giving heli's a try)
    thats it for now..but i'm sure more will be added soon
    common sense isn't so common

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    My List:

    1. Traxxas Stampede
    2. Traxxas Mini E-revo
    3. Tamiya TL-01
    4. Tamiya TA-02
    5. Tamiya TA-02 with HPI Graphite chassis
    6. HPI Super F1 (old school one, 1992 Version)
    7. Associated TC3
    8. Duratrax Evader - 5700kv
    9. Losi XXX-SCT - 3800kv 4-pole
    10. Duratrax Vendetta
    11. Micro-T
    12. HPI Nitro Firestorm

    Flying stuff:
    13. Syma S107
    14. Blade MCX
    15. Blade 120SR
    16. Esky Honeybee FP
    17. Esky Belt CPv2
    18. Hobbyzone SuperCub LP
    19. Parkzone Sukhoi XP
    20. GWS Slow stick
    21. Custom foamie

    Evolution Hobbies - Team C Racing Kits & Parts

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    BYT Member Constrictor007's Avatar
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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    Heng Long Tiger 1 tank
    Brushless Hydromite hydrofoil boat
    Aquacraft Hammer (VXL powered)
    Megatech Caribbean Cruiser (EVX2 powered)
    Brushless Propulse B100
    Radio Shack Xmods Gen1
    Helion Animus 18SC
    Bolink Legends coupe (custom tube chassis)
    Team Losi XXXBK1 Kinwald Edition
    Kyosho Double Dare (EVX2 powered)
    HPI Wheely King (crawler conversion)
    Exceed Mini Maxstone (scaler project)
    Losi Micro Crawler (converted to to micro scaler)
    Komodo scale crawler
    custom chassis scale crawler
    scale crawler/zombie apocalypse truck project
    2 Tamiya Blackfoot trucks (in pieces)
    self sponsored professional backyard basher

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    BYT Member GT4point6's Avatar
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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    MGT 4.6 SE

    I know, too much stuff....

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    Avid BYT Member RCer's Avatar
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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    -My Rc's-

    • -Traxxas Rustler XL-5, stock, a few RPM upgrades-
    • -Axial Racing AX10 kit, stock, Traxxas AM system, Integy 45t motor, HPI EN-1, Traxxas Servo-
    • -Team Losi Trail Trekker, stock, foams removed-
    • -Duratrax Mini Quake, stock-
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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    5x Traxxas ERBE
    1x Traxxas ERevo brushed
    3x Traxxas Slash 4x4
    2x Traxxas Slash 2wd
    4x Traxxas Rustler VXL
    3x Traxxas Stampede 4x4
    1x Traxxas MERV
    1x Losi E-Muggy
    2x Losi E-LST2
    2x Losi 8ight-E 2.0
    1x Losi 8ight T E 1.0
    1x Losi XXX Graphite Ed.
    2x Hpi Vorza
    1x HPI Savage Flux
    1x Caster Fusion EX1.5R

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    Default Re: List Your Rc's

    Traxxas Rustler VXL
    Traxxas T-Maxx
    Traxxas Slash 2wd
    Traxxas Summit
    Traxxas Slash 4x4
    Traxxas Bandit
    Traxxas Stampede

    Losi Mini SC

    HPI Baja 5b

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