That's right, I picked up a Stampede 4x4 roller off the bay to cure my issue of ground clearance I was having with the Ten T. Here is how it came.

Now I chose this route cause I knew I didn't want a stock setup. For my Pede I consulted with the God's at Castle and decided to go with the MMP SCT combo that comes with a 2400kv 4 pole motor. I am also using my speky RX and Hitec 985 servo.

Now this motor is pretty long. So I had to make a couple modifications with my handy dandy dremel. Once I had room for the motor, I had to make a mounting surface for the ESC. I used a small piece of FFRC carbon fiber.

Got all the electronics all mocked up, which was my goal tonight. I have the battery on the way, along with some odds and ends goodies to go along with what is already on my shelf. But for now this is how far this is going to go. Once all the parts come in, and I finish painting a body, I'll pick it back up.