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Thread: Dynamite fuze 5800kv 1/10 brushless system review!

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    Default Dynamite fuze 5800kv 1/10 brushless system review!

    I had this long review all typed out, but I accidently hit the back bar and lost all of it. so I have to type it out again, lol!, I was running the dynamite fuze 5800kv in my Thunder tiger sparrowhawk xxb 1/10 buggy. Let me first say, that the first time I had this the ESC went up in smoke the instant I plugged my battery in, but the wonderful guys at my LHS gave me a free replacement ESC to get me going. I ran 8 long speed runs at 56- 58mph last week before the rain made us pack up, without a hint of getting warm using a 26t pinion . Being the temps were cool, I opted today to up the pinion to a whopping 33t to see what It can handle and really test that ESC and motor. I got to the lot, and the conditions were tough, lots of sand on the pavement from the recent rains, and a stiff cross wind. I setup for the first run and hit the throttle and much to my suprise I hit a whopping 67mph! second pass I hit 68 and the third pass I hit an amazing 71mph! I pulled it in to check temps and both motor and esc were 135* barely warm, did two more passes, 69 and 71 brought it back in and temps were 145, but I let it cool, down. I am floored that this $110 system pushed out speeds of MMP and VXL caliber! at $70 cheaper! the temps were cooler than temps recorded in both the MMP and the VXL in similar size/weight vehicles, and not to mention, I managed higher speeds, which could be the final gear ration for the actual vehicle and not the systems. however, this system is top notch! it will run with the best of the 1/10 scale esc/motor combo's around at allot less cash out of the pocket!

    Video of this system running, in the electric buggies and truggies forum, thread title" sparrowhawk xxb hits 71mph."
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