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Thread: vertex .18 factory needle settings?

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    Default vertex .18 factory needle settings?

    can anyone please tell me what the vertex .18 factory needle settings are? i got a redcat racing volcano sv used and it wont run. i can sometimes get it to run for a couple seconds, but ive been playing with this thing for days now. 3 needle carb. idle is give or take 1mm, ive tried the low end needle at flush with the arm, and 2 turns out from snug. the hsn is around 2 turns out from snug. please help! sometimes when it starts it will die as soon as i take the glow starter off. so please please help. thanks!

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    Default Re: vertex .18 factory needle settings?

    i always thought the needle settings were flush on them. try putting them flush, and if it still doesnt run check the plug, sometimes if you put like a cold plug in there the tend not to want to run without the glow ignitor.

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