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Thread: E-Revo vs. Vendetta ST vs. RC18T

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    Default E-Revo vs. Vendetta ST vs. RC18T

    Well obviously the race / competition is not a legit setup but it was between three of us and well here were the specs / results

    E-Revo VLX 1/16th
    R/T: Ko Propo 2.4ghz
    ESC: stock
    Motor: stock
    Spur: Stock
    Pinion: 26t
    Batteries: Thunderpower 1350mah 11.1v 3s Lipo 20C/40C

    Vendetta ST 1/18th
    R/T: Spektrum DX3s
    ESC: Castlecreation sidewinder 1/10th scale
    Motor: Heli Max 3000kv 400can size motor
    Spur: 45T
    Pinion 18T
    Battery: Hyperion 1600mash 11.1v 3s Lipo 35C/65C

    R/T: Spektrum DX2.0
    ESC: Castlecreatoin mamba micro 1/18th
    Motor: Heli Max (??)
    Spur: (??)
    Pinion: (??)
    Battery: Thunderpower 1800mah 11.1v 3s Lipo 30C/60C

    So basically the RC18t took some bad spills and lost 2 of its shock braces so it was out for the count, though it looked like it could still be a contender.... we are going to repair it and race it agains the E-Revo 1/16th first.

    Anyways so we had the vendetta and the e-revo go at it for a couple straight top speed runs, and overall here were some of the results:

    E-Revo Dual Team Orion 1600mah NiMH 7.2v (14.4 total) runing against the Vendetta as describe above, and the final verdict between the 3 drivers was the detta from a rolling start pulls a little on the erevo, most races ended with the vendetta infront by a car lenght or two. From dead stop depending on launch (whether or not both cars flip over or not) the vendetta still pulled.

    So we decided to see what would happen on the Lipo set next. We ran 1 3s Thunderpower to the E-revo and it was a big faster (maybe just cause of the weight difference) and it was pretty much dead even. Neither car seemed to be pulling on the other, just pretty much dead even.

    It was impressive to say the least, both cars are stupid fast, and uncontrollable at those speeds, and if you dont control the throttle both of the mwill do wheelies at 1/2 throttle.

    Overall we did notice the quality of the erevo was much better, and strong (it is a much newer car) and the Vendetta has just been on a headon collision with a steel pole the pervious morning.

    I just wanted to say that both cars are pretty impressive, and for how fast the erveo is out of the box it def makes it worth the purchase.

    My friend is doing some tune ups on his erevo and i will be replace the broken top a-arm on the detta (as i was racing with a broken one) and we will be at it again.

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    Default Re: E-Revo vs. Vendetta ST vs. RC18T

    I'm not sure what to say really. To me the detta keeping up/ or winning isn't much of a surprise with a slightly larger motor, but then again the race was between a 1/16 scale and 1/18 scales.

    1/18th, in general - smaller rcs can usually take off ridiculously fast because there is no weight in comparison to a larger vehicle. Put a similar or larger motor in a smaller car and you can gear more speed.

    Again, no surprise to me that the revo handles better. It's a larger vehicle which allows it to handle better. Like comparing a 1/8 monster truck versus a 1/10 scale monster truck. The larger scale vehicle allows it to absorb more vibration making it a smoother ride. Larger parts tend to handle more rugged situations. My own option is - Traxxas made a good choice going with a 1/16th scale instead of 1/18. The 1/18 scale parts presents a challenge when it comes to making a rugged truck.
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    Default Re: E-Revo vs. Vendetta ST vs. RC18T

    What I think is cool is those Revo wheels bolt right up to the Vendetta ST's hexes. Can't wait for them to get here. I was geared a little low for the stock ones anyway! Rollout should be just about right with the taller tires.
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    Default Re: E-Revo vs. Vendetta ST vs. RC18T

    Im running the e-revo 1/16th tires, and they fit, but u will have to dremel the back wheels a bit so they dont rub on the far they are my favorite tires

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    Default Re: E-Revo vs. Vendetta ST vs. RC18T

    this something i wanted to know seeing i had an st before with a permax D400 and that thing was the fastest mini i ever had on 1300 3s 50a battery with a 1/10 sidewinder 17t pinion stock wheel. Wow it was just woow i put swaybars on it to keep it more stable it do 70mph like nothing and wheelie on command man it would go so fast that it would lift off the ground . I want to get a revo with hoping it would be a better car then the st time will only tell. also the delte st is a big truggy for 1/18 and not that light which help it be a way better racer out of the box then any mini made .

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