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Thread: hop ups for x cellerator:

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    Default hop ups for x cellerator:

    I searched, and nothing came up.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me
    find hop ups for an XTM X Cellerator.
    It would be great.


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    Default Re: hop ups for x cellerator:

    Man, there isn't a lot of variety of aftermarket for it . XTM makes a couple different things, so does a couple other companies too. but they slip my mind at the moment.

    People in here have said that a some of the Losi xxxnt parts work on the x-cell. Im not sure exactly which parts work, but once that is figured out, the aftermarket will open up a little more.

    HBZ makes a nice cage for it too. I seen it as a must since I couldn't find better shock towers and bulkheads......Give me a bit and I can find the links to those places I's mine
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    Default Re: hop ups for x cellerator:

    Yea, I was working to get the HBZ cage. It looks like a savior.
    And I will be looking to see if xxxnt parts fit.
    Nice truck btw.


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    Default Re: hop ups for x cellerator:

    Yeah go with the roll cage. That will save you from having to get things like aluminum shock towers / a-arms etc.

    Also check out this link...Its geared towards racing, but you might find some useful info in there...
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    Default Re: hop ups for x cellerator:

    thanks a lot man!
    site really helped!


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