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Thread: RC10T3 Brushless Questions

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    Question RC10T3 Brushless Questions

    I have a few questions...If I was to put a brushless system into my RC10T3...

    1. Which one would be best?
    2. What gearing would I have to convert to if necessary?
    3. What transmitter is required, AM or FM? (Currently using an AM with it now)
    4. Is this even worth doing?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I really like the truck, just getting tired of brushes and I don't have a lathe. The closest place to get that done isn't very close. Not to mention when I drop it off it takes like a week as they send it out to be done.

    This isn't something I'm gonna do right away, as I have two Trinity 19 turn engines I'd like to use first (no need to waste them). I'll also upgrade to 3300 packs as well, and convert all connectors to deans.
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    Default Re: RC10T3 Brushless Questions

    Well...the main thing is how much do you wanna spend?

    The best one for the money is probably a Novak 5.5 turn or a Reedy Neo/LRP sphere combo, but if you want more speed + power (and the extra cost that comes with it), a Lehner 5300 and a Schulze ESC would make it insanely fast, but that's close to $400 of kit

    The other two are around the $250 mark for a motor and an ESC, and both have similar speed to about a 9 turn motor

    You would need to experiment with gearing, but i would suggest that you try about 3 teeth smaller on the pinion to start off with, but it's difficult to say

    You won't need to change any radio gear though - the ESC plugs right into the reciever just like a normal one

    IMO it is worth doing (well i am gonna do it eventually....) I like the idea of all that speed+power without having to worry about brushes, comms and everything

    They are also a lot more efficient, so you get more power for longer
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    Default Re: RC10T3 Brushless Questions

    The manual that comes with the Novak ESC has gearing recommendations.

    I'm going to follow this thread closely as I have just won an auction for a T3 and am ordering a Novak SS+5800 brushless kit.

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    Default Re: RC10T3 Brushless Questions

    Thanks for the information guys.
    It's something I'm definately gonna do as soon as I can.

    KRMit...when you get your's setup, I'd love to hear what you think about it.
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    Default Re: RC10T3 Brushless Questions

    I have a T4 decked out with a Novak SS+ speedo and a 5800 motor. I have raced it in off road mod class and it has plenty of power. It ran closely with 6 to 10 turn motor guys. the thing I liked about it was the efficiency. I had plenty of power left at the end of the 5 minute race. It still felt like the first lap. I have also played with the truck in the street, in the dirt, grass, parking lots and everywhere else. It is a good reliable system for the money. The manual will give you a starting place for gearing. Where you run it will dictate the correct gearing.

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    Default Re: RC10T3 Brushless Questions

    Welcome to BYT gtc1222!

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    Default Re: RC10T3 Brushless Questions

    you should definetly think about getting an FM radio and reciever because there is not as much interference as an AM reciever and transmitter you wouldnt want you cal goin 35 and out of controll haha
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