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    First Impressions: I decided to do the review on FLM Savage parts because my T-Maxx was basically bullet proof and made of mostly FLM T-Maxx parts. FLM makes some really good stuff. The parts I got from Fast Lane Machine were packaged nicely. I went with the new TVPís. They designed them with a lower center of gravity and a 40mm stretch (see picture below of stock versus FLM length and design). These are teamed up with a bottom skid, servo plate/mid-tank mount, multiple position aluminum shock towers and aluminum servo mounts.

    Assembly/Installation: My biggest complaint about FLM products is the fact that they come with no pictures or instructions on how they are to be assembled. This wouldnít be a big deal if there were better pictures to follow on their web site or if ...
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    In the ever so popular effort to make a stock T-Maxx stronger we often turn to aluminum products. For this review I turned to Fast Lane Machine to see what they could offer the most abuse driver in the area. After buying many different types of products claiming they could take some abuse and finding out they didnít even compare, I was a little hesitant to try this set up from Fast Lane.

    After a few emails between Fast Laneís Jamie I decided it was time to try ...
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    We added the FullForce RC carbon fiber antenna plate (part number: MLST002) to our MMMLST Project truck.

    This is a pretty slick item as the front two mounting holes are slotted, meaning you can just remove the rear clip ...
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    The MLST double-decker chassis is just like its big brothers in design. We love this concept and think it is one of the coolest setups for toughness in the RC world today. Even with the killer design, we wanted to trick it out a little!

    FullForceRC offers a carbon fiber main chassis set ...
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    Letís cut to the chase on this one boys and girls. Have you looked at the pictures of this FFRC chassis? The pictures do not do it justice. Come onÖ..do you really need us to tell you how sweet it is? No, you really donít. But we will anyway.

    The stock chassis on the Mini-T leaves something to be desired. If you have noticed, it flexes a LOT and is the cause for many busted steering servo mounts ...
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    The RC Raven Chrome Chassis is 4.7 mm thick and made from T6-6061 aircraft aluminum. The chrome powder coat finish is beautiful (the pictures on our site and the RC Raven site do not do it justice) and it almost made us feel bad to take it out and bash with it.....almost.

    It ...
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    When we received our 6061 Aluminum Bulkheads and Braces package from Great Assembly RC, we were nothing short of impressed. The kit includes all of the hardware needed along with super meaty aluminum bulkhead braces. The bulkhead set ...

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