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    Pretty much everyone has already checked out the BYT Project Full Speed Ahead where we took a Factory Team Associated RC18T and tricked it out with a ton of sweet upgrades.

    The one thing we were missing in our FullForce RC aluminum suspension upgrade was the rear hubs carriers. And as the rest of the suspension was all aluminum, you can imagine what liked to break anytime we gave Project FSA a cartwheel down a city street....you guessed it, the plastic rear hub carriers. Well, FullForce RC listened to our cries ...
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    : RPM has done it again. They seem to be experts at taking a good design and/or product and making it much better. Their new axle carriers for the T-Maxx are no exception. Rather than just copy what was already in place, RPM decided to take them a step further and make them stronger, better looking and also increased the performance level.

    QUALITY ...
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    BYT has been using Lunsford Racing turnbuckles for a long time and when we saw the 1/8 scale T-Maxx package, we knew that we had to give this a hard look-over.

    What's included in this 1/8 scale Lunsford kit?

    (four) 4mm titanium turnbuckles
    (eight) Extra large rod ends
    (eight) Titanium ball ends
    (eight) Titanium hinge pins
    (numerous) Hinge pin e-clips
    (one) Aluminum turnbuckle adjustment tool
    (numerous) Lunsford ...
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    We have been bashing with the Lunsford LST Monster Titanium Kit (Lunsford part number 4821) for the Losi LST. It includes titanium hinge pins (16 of them), e-clips, titanium turnbuckles (4 of them) and a handy adjustment wrench.

    What better way to lighten the LST up a little and give it more strength in areas that are weak.

    PACKAGING - As always, Lunsford packaging is great. Everything comes in its own sealed compartment. That makes the assembly process much easier. The kit includes titanium ...
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    Is the steering in your T-Maxx getting a little soft and not quite as responsive as it used to be? Chances are your servo is getting tired or the saver spring is getting weak....or both.

    You can upgrade your servo saver with another stock piece or throw down an extra $30 and get a system made to handle a truck of this size, power and weight. ...

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