Installation: The first thing you notice is that the HBZUSA Cage is not your standard, run of the mill, straight wire setup. It is designed for strength and a trick look. This is not made by some guy in his garage welding up steel rods!

    HBZ also includes free insert panels for their cages. The ones included look SHARP! Attaching the inserts for that scale look is simple. HBZ provided directions with a picture so even the not so mechanically inclined would succeed in installation. A screw bag was supplied for attaching the cage to the truck. This was one of my complaints with the Xterminator cage, HBZ answered the call.

    The SocalNitro Revo had been fitted with a big block HPI K4.6 and this is a big departure from the stock 2.5 engine setup. Simply put, this truck had been modified with a MUCH larger engine. Now this is where it got tricky. Hey, most bashers seek speed and power....and I am no exception. With that desire came my K4.6 powered Revo2.5. Did the cage fit? Yes, and surprisingly with very little modification.

    Pictured below is the small amount of cage I removed to clear the Side Exhaust. The rear wing mount was modified to clear the rear mount. Both are acceptable losses to gain the use of such fortified protection the HBZ cage offers. Final fit with wing.....and yes you can still mount a body. I also recommend a body. One can never have too much protection when bashing a Big Block Revo.

    Verdict: The HBZ Revo 2.5 Cage is a wise investment. Not only will it protect your guts it will stiffen your chassis and possibly save you some spur gears on those big crashes. Although I modified this cage to fit, this step would not have to be done with a stock small block engine setup. It is plug and play.

    Check out the HBZ Warranty Statement:

    HBZ USA HARD BODY"Z limited lifetime WARRANTY

    Authorized Dealers, authorized distributors or consumers the warranty is the same for all of you. Purchase your HBZ cage with confidence. You break it. we buy it. That's right if you break one of our roll cages we will take it back and repair or replace it free. This is a limited lifetime warranty, as long as you are the original owner with proof of purchase. GO BASH! Please remember this is a roll cage not an indestructible cage. warranty does not include bending, smashing, or anything else under, normal usage. if you hit a wall it will bend, don't hit walls...Drive it like a rental.

    This review was written by "SocalNitro", a highly respected, long time member and moderator on the BYT Forum. Chances are, you have watched the Socal Crew's high flying, sand dune busting, videos before and there is no question that they know how to beat their trucks!

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