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    A miscellaneous item we added to our project MMMLST was FullForce RC aluminum body posts (part number: MLT001). These work great and added a little extra “bling” to our baby. There is plenty of adjustment ...
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    Now the first thing you may be asking yourself is “Why the heck is BYT doing a review on racing wheels”? Well, the answer to that question is simple, they look AWESOME and SPI promised they would add big time stability to our truck. Anything that adds handling and stability can be appreciated in the bashing world just as much as the racing world. And for a mere $90 for a complete set of four aluminum rims, shipped to your door, it is a hard deal to pass up. Better yet, they are made ...
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    For those of you who think you have every imaginable piece of bling on your RC monster truck, think again. There is one area that you may have missed. Take a look at your wheel nuts. Are they still stock? Well, we just found another place for you to spend some more money!

    We ordered a set of the Sawtooth RC Trispokes knockoffs (AKA wheel nuts) for our Savage and ...
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    Here's an inexpensive way to add some color to your T-Maxx or E-Maxx. The RC Raven body posts are made of fiber reinforced plastic. So they should be super strong but still have some flex to absorb energy and protect your truck vitals.....let's see about that.

    We ...

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