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    OK, so we’re not all Adam Drake, and some of us like to hit things just for fun with our RC’s. I fall into both of these categories on some level. I suck at driving and some times I enjoy running into things (usually not something that will cause serious damage though). Well as we all know this can be really hard on our RC vehicles and a bumper becomes a necessity for folks like me. When you have a tiny little truck that is relatively new to ...
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    Oh my....what a beauty! This servo protector is from RC Raven. We were able to obtain a polished aluminum one however we have read that these are being replaced by their new brushed aluminum design. That's probably a good move as the polished version loses some of its beauty ...
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    The stock hinge pin retainers and the stock skid plates were discarded for some more FullForce RC carbon fiber units. Just like the chassis set, the FullForce RC carbon fiber skid plates (part number: MLST004) are very nicely made. These skids weigh a total of 0.56 oz (16 grams) vs. the stock ...
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    Everyone and their brother seems to be selling skid plates. And most of them we run across are pretty much the same. Not bad but nothing special. When we spotted these titanium skids from Great Assembly RC, we hoped for something out of the ordinary. Thankfully, we were not disappointed. The very first thing we noticed was the shear heft and weight of the skids. They are HEAVY. We opted for the 3mm skids as GARC recommended them as the ultimate bashing ...
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    We gave the RC Raven Aluminum Bumpers a thorough beating and alas, we could not bend them. BYT feels the key here is to use the stock bumper mounts. This keeps some impact absorption while allowing the bumpers to protect the truck. During the installation, we trimmed ...
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    After replacing about 6 sets of plastic skid plates, it's time for a set of aluminum skids. These New Era Skids go for about $46 for the complete set of three skids. Certainly a deal!

    Note the extra long center skid that runs the complete distance between the front and rear ...

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