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    As trucks get tougher and engines get bigger the need for protection becomes essential. I’ve personally seen engines broken in half when exposed to the harsh elements of bashing. With only a few makers of roll cages available it’s my job and pleasure to test one made by Hard Body’z.

    This particular cage is made for the XTM X-Terminator, one my favorite Nitro’s to bash. There are 2 colors of cage available. Chrome and Blue. I chose Chrome ...
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    FIRST IMPRESSION: The RC Solutions shock towers, roll cage and skid plates come nicely packaged and include all the necessary hardware for installation. The hardware included is a good quality stainless steel. The shock spacers and roll cage spacers are polished very nicely ...
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    Installation: The first thing you notice is that the HBZUSA Cage is not your standard, run of the mill, straight wire setup. It is designed for strength and a trick look. This is not made by some guy in his garage welding up steel rods!

    HBZ also includes free insert panels for their cages. The ones included look SHARP! Attaching the inserts for that scale look is simple. HBZ provided directions with a picture so even the not so mechanically ...
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    The FullForce RC Aluminum 2-Point Roll Bar was easy to install and included good instructions on how to get the job done. Two holes need to be drilled in the chassis for mounting. No big deal. The hardware to bolt the roll bar in is included as well as an allen wrench ...
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    Last year I took a big chunk out of my OS cylinder head during a truck beating. Not a good deal. I am also getting sick of smashing my truck body into little pieces. It's time for some truck protection. This three point roll bar by New Era installs quick and utilizes some seriously thick steel tube. It is ...
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    Oh baby...talk about bulletproof! We have been beating the heck out of this RC Raven cage for the past two months and it just keeps coming back for more! Roof top landings, over and over again. It just laughs at us! Sure we bend it up but it is nothing that a hammer can't straighten out!


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