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    Here at BYT we like to say a dirty truck is a happy truck, however it is essential to clean the rig off once in awhile. Cleaning your truck keeps dirt from accelerating wear on pivot points, like hinge pins, suspension arms, bearings, pillow balls, etc.

    It should be part of the routine maintenance that you perform on your RC vehicle. Having a clean truck also makes locating a damaged component (like a cracked suspension arm etc) easier to find. That gives you the opportunity to get it fixed before it rears its ugly head the next time you go bashing.

    Besides, we have to admit that it is nice to stand back and admire your shiny, yet thoroughly beaten truck right? We think so. In fact every time we see our truck ...
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    How many gallons of fuel do you have through your truck? If it is more than one, it's time to do a bearing check. We at BYT like to clean and re-oil our bearings every gallon of fuel or more often if we have been playing in the dunes. It goes without saying that the stock bearings that come with almost ...
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    FIRST IMPRESSION: When our screw package arrived we thought "This can't possibly have ALL the screws in it, look how small the box is!". Man were we were wrong! This pocket screw package had EVERY screw in it for our XXX-T and then some.

    Every kit comes labeled with a picture of the vehicle it is meant for. This is great as we have a kit for our ...
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    Anyone who is a hardcore RC jumping and bashing fanatic knows about Slap Ma Fro. Their videos are awesome and in our opinion, unchallenged. Sure, many have tried to copy what they do but SMF continues to raise the bar (or raise the jump) to stay ahead of the pack.

    SMF started back in 2002, about the same time ...

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