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    We first reviewed the original style, "stationary" 180 AJS T-Maxx stand close to two years ago! Man...time flies when you are hooked on RC. Their high quality T-Maxx stand has been a BYT shop favorite since it first arrived at our shop. If it was not built so incredibly well, we would have worn it out by now.

    The world of RC has progressed during the last two years and AJS Machine is no exception. Their latest product takes the stand we have grown to love and cherish to the next level....it ...
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    We know this is one of those items that is on everyone's "wish list" but often times, you find other places to spend your money. Time for a reality check: if you beat your truck, it is going to break! A quality stand will help you fix it fast, easy and with fewer headaches. Not only that it is a cool place to park the beast when you are not driving it. After getting our grubby mitts on this stand, we can only wonder why it took us so long to get smart and get one!

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    OVERVIEW: FullForce RC has just released yet another new item to compliment and expand their catalog offering. If you have gone through their website, it is obvious that they carry a LOT of custom hop-ups for the 1/18th scale world of RC. Mini-T, RC18, MLST, and the list goes on. Normally the hop-ups entail aluminum and carbon fiber goodies that make your little rocket stronger, lighter and faster. Their latest tricked out item is a little different.....read on fellow RC ...
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    There is one thing that often mystifies new RC nitro drivers more than anything else. Engine tuning. Nitro engine tuning is probably the number one "problem" for new drivers. Even for veteran tuners, a little extra help sometimes would be nice “did I just lean the HSN by one hour or two?”

    RC Hardware has come up with a small yet incredibly helpful device that will be sure to please new and old tuners alike, the N-Tune dial. This device is so simple and helpful, ...
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    The RPM Precision Camber Gauge is one of those items that many of us think we don't really need. We did too, until we bought one. Now we can't figure out how we lasted so long without it!

    Sure, we were like you and used to "eyeball" our wheels ...
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    Toe-in is a very important setting for your truck either on the track or just bashing. It is responsible for a great deal of vehicle control (or lack there of).The RPM Toe-In Gauge checks toe through the simple method of comparing the width of the wheels at the rear of the tire to the width of the wheels at ...
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    When was the last time you disassembled your RC vehicle and cleaned the bearings? We thought so.... Well, you need to get it done! Bearings that are clean and oiled will spin easier and cause less drag in the drivetrain. That means more power is put to the ground, you can go faster and on electric vehicles, your battery ...
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    Wrench Set Ti-Nitride Hex (6pcs). These wrenches are color coded, 6 sizes are 0.05" 1/16" 3/32" 5/64" 2.5mm and 1.5mm.

    These are NICE wrenches! We have been using them for about 6 months now and the tips are still looking like new. The only ...

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