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    DARN IT! There I was, tightening down my new throttle servo and I heard it. The dreaded sound of a servo tab cracking! I can't believe it! I wasn't even cranking down on it that hard...or maybe I was (I am super strong)?

    This is a problem that has plagued many a RC mechanic since the dawn of time. Servo tabs are VERY fragile ...
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    THE RUN DOWN : The Astroflight "Blinky" is a LiPo battery pack balancer. It balances packs during or after charging, ensuring that you are able to fit the most mAh safely into your packs.

    I've been running LiPos for around a year now, and I absolutely love 'em! Nothing beats the power density, light weight and flat discharge curve that they offer. ...
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    After suffering with the slow and weak steering servos, we decided to take the plunge and upgrade to something stronger. Per the advice of our LHS, we decided to go with the Hi-Tec HS-625MG Super Torque servo.

    We bought two of these to upgrade two of our T-Maxx's. Installation is simple and it is a direct bolt in for the T. We ran into trouble ...
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    A temp gauge helps to make sure you are not accidentally running your engine too hot (lean). We opted for the on-board unit versus the heat gun as it was one less thing to carry into the field. Installation is simple and it works very well. It weighs almost nothing ...
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    With our recent purchase of two new Team Losi XXX-T trucks, we needed better chargers for our batteries. Taking into consideration price and features, we decided upon the Duratrax Piranha Digital Peak Charger. At a cost of about $50, the features were just too abundant ...
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    We have all been there. The day finally comes to go outside and bash but alas...the alkaline batteries you installed the last time you bashed are already dead. Or you are forgetful and left the switch on in your truck. Drats! Time to toss down another $5-$7 and get more alkaline (disposable) AA's. WHAT A WASTE!!!
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    I have to say, two years ago when I was shopping for a new radio, I felt like I made the right decision then and I still do today. Not many people can say that about their radios today. The 3PK has allowed me to, in one radio, keep up with the influx of new technology and stay ahead of the competition. I have been able to upgrade my model memory beyond 10 RCs (all the way up to 100), use a synthesized transmit module (75Mhz band, ...
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    The advances in battery technology over the past year have been an electric car/truck drivers dream. More run time and more power. Think back a few years ago and the thought of approaching 4000 mah was simply crazy! This craziness is no longer a dream, but a reality.

    We picked up some of the latest and greatest newcomers to the battery world, some IB 3800 mah NiMH cells. A quick visit to Boom Boom Batteries provided us with not only the cells we were looking for but some components ...
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    THE RUN DOWN : This is a device that you plug inline between your ESC and battery. As you run your car it logs the amp draw and pack voltage. It's a fantastic (and relatively inexpensive!) tool for getting the most out of your brushless systems, and diagnosing problems.

    INSTALLATION: First I installed the software on my laptop. The install is easy and quick. You can then hook up the sensor to the computer, it's USB based so it's painless. The firmware for the sensor is software upgradable, ...
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    OPENING COMMENTS: The Apogee LOA (Loud Obnoxious Alarm) is a device that allows you to maintain the safe operating limits of a high-performance lithium battery. It is exactly what we have been looking for to install on our LiPo powered, 19-turn brush motor Losi XXX-T. Probably one of the worst things you can do to a LiPo battery is run it below the minimum voltage. Battery damage and possible worse can happen if you drag a LiPo battery under its ...
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    OPENING COMMENTS: The world of electric RC trucks and cars has come a long way over the past few years. The introduction of longer lasting, more powerful batteries has given electric enthusiasts more run time per charge and the prices have remained pretty reasonable. Put simply, the days of having to buy a nitro powered truck to experience high performance driving are long gone.

    Lithium batteries have been around for some time. Just check your cell phone or almost any other electronic device that requires lots of power in a lightweight package. The key here is lightweight. This trait is one ...
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    Are you looking to add a bit of color to your T-Maxx? The battery and receiver boxes from RC Raven will do just that. Installation is pretty straightforward. Remove the stock and install the new. Are there any performance benefits? Not really. They are made from high-impact plastic ...
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    BEWARE!! Alkaline batteries will kill your wallet. It is pretty easy for the hard core RC basher to go through 12 AA's in a weekend or two of RC fun. Buying alkaline (disposable) AA's is just like tossing money down the toilet! THINK ABOUT IT!!

    Racer's Edge
    offers some 2300mah ...

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