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    Buku Performance Products – 1/8 Scale Speed-Tune Clutch

    Looking at the majority of members here at beatyourtruck, we will notice that most of them are bashers (after all this is BEATyourtruck). So, you may be wondering, why in the world should we care about a speed tuning clutch? Only racers need to fine tune their machines down to the details of the clutch; us bashers can be lazy and use whatever springs we got laying around. Wrong! That’s the way I used to think about clutches and you may too, but our thinking needs to change.

    It’s easy to see why a racer might want something like this, but it is just as important to have a properly tuned clutch for us too. After all, as a basher we never ...
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    INTRODUCTION: I get emails with questions about pipes all the time..."what pipe should I buy?", "is this pipe any good?", "what's the best pipe?", etc. If you have looked at my trucks over the years, you may have noticed that I almost always run CVEC and have been a firm believer of the extra power their products deliver. As you probably know, CVEC is dead and gone....so now what?

    Enter Buku Performance Pipes. Here's how they work. They are similar to CVEC in that they have a internal cone that moves and it has spring tension on it, so the tuned length of the pipe changes during operation. But this is not a CVEC....after ...
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    The clutch is one of the most important features of any RC car. Yet it is often overlooked when it comes time to upgrade your vehicle. It's time to start thinking about your clutch! After all, it is the first link in putting power to the wheels.

    Our test vehicle is a T-Maxx equipped with a lot of aluminum goodies (it's a heavy pig) and an EPIC .18 Big Bore engine. If anything could ...
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    I was looking at some different exhaust options after cracking my stock MT2 header. There are plenty of exhaust options out there for this truck, from many different manufacturers. For me, the one that stood out was the Tsais Nitro Devil rear mounted exhaust system, for side exhaust engines. It is the only exhaust of its type that I have seen for the MT2, and it looks to be a nicely executed kit, so I figured I would give it a try, killing 2 birds with one stone – increasing performance, and losing the ugly stock header. Lets see how this exhaust stacks up.

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    We have been looking for some time to find an alternative to the Traxxas EZ Start on our T-Maxx's. Until recently, the only options were to change the engine to a pull start or add an aftermarket starting system that doesn’t always perform leaving you frustrated and unable to start your beast. There's nothing worse than going out to bash and not being able to start your ride.

    Well, we think we have found a solution. The Tiger Drive from Sullivan Products. ...
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    This little beauty is a CVEC pipe with CVEC header system installed on a T-Maxx.

    Installation is simple. The rear exhaust header allows the muffler to be mounted in the rear of the truck, with the pipe outlet coming out of your tailgate. All needed brackets, clamps, sealant etc is included with the kit. ...
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    More power! That is what we all want right? If you said no, you need to go to the doctor immediately. There might be something wrong with your head! With the never ending quest for power on all of our minds, engine manufacturers have been pushing the envelope, creating engines with more horsepower and torque than we ever imagined.

    Racer's Edge, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket RC components, has entered the high powered engine market with the Sure Fire .32 nitro engine. We grabbed one of these bad boys and strapped it in our Team Losi LST to see what it could really do. Goodbye MACH 26 (a fine engine we must say) and welcome Sure Fire .32 (hang on to your hat)!! It's time to make our LST fly.

    OPENING REMARKS - When Racer's Edge decided they needed an engine in their product line-up, they did not go out and buy some "off the shelf, no-name" engine, slap some specs together and call it good enough. The Sure Fire engine is made in the same factory as the HPI 4.6 engine however it is not the same engine. The SF has been ...
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    With all the talk about big block this and big block that, we thought it would be nice to take a look at another powerful, yet more cost effective solution for breathing new life into your truck.

    FIRST IMPRESSION: Enter...EPIC Motorsports with their .18 "Big Bore". That's "Big Bore", not "Big Block". The difference (besides the obvious displacement difference) is that the EPIC unit can be bolted into your existing T-Maxx (or pretty much anywhere else you have a pull start .12 or .15) without having to upgrade a chassis and linkages etc etc etc. The Big Bore (or BB as we will refer to it in this review) is an excellent solution to the never ending quest for big power...on a budget.

    Let's face it, not everyone can afford the Italian Stallions and even if you could, it would really be a waste of money unless you are racing!!

    Read on to see why this engine should be high ...

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