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    So what, are we brake crazy lately (note the back to back brake reviews)? Well actually when we started shopping around for a replacement brake setup for our T-Maxx, this one caught our eye and we had to try it. ...
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    Ok! Who has a big powerhouse of an engine in their Traxxas MAXX truck? Hmmmm. Quite a few of you raised your hands. Listen up! The following information is very important and you will need to perform this upgrade...whether you realize it yet or not.

    One of our trucks was treated to an engine upgrade (to the EPIC .18 Big Bore) and before long, we heard it. The dreaded clicking sound. When landing jumps or pulling ...
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    After numerous sets of twisted stock plastic shafts, we decided to take the plunge and invest in some CVD’s. Of course we first turned to MIP, the best know manufacturer of CVD’s in the RC world. After pricing them out, we came up with just shy of $100 in MIP shafts (front, rear and center). Ouch!

    On a budget, we decided to look around ...
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    Chances are if you are like us, you rarely think of your brake. You think more about going faster and jumping higher! Hey, we can relate. But there will come a time where the stock brake disc will become unable to do the job. And when you think about it, stopping your truck is just as important as making it go fast. Think about it! The best performance and race cars in ...
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    This transmission shaft is super lightweight!!!! Anything you can do to lighten the drivetrain load is a plus. It should add to battery life and performance at the drive wheels.

    The shaft is easy to install and requires the transmission to be removed from the truck. Once ...
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    The RRP Double Disc Spur Gear Kit looked like a smart addition. We purchased a plastic spur gear kit and a steel spur gear kit and upgraded two of our trucks. We had a few troubles getting it installed without significant wobble. After several attempts, we contacted RRP for some help. They were very responsive and gave ...
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    With the wide variety of hot motors and batteries out for the Mini-T, the drive train is sure to suffer. Luckily the little dude has a pretty simple drive line, a spur/slipper, a transmission, a differential and finally axles to the drive wheels. Simple is good as that means fewer parts to upgrade and less cash out of pocket! The stock diff in the Mini-T features some super light duty plastic ...

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