View Full Version : Nitro MT hop ups

12-10-2003, 01:03 AM
I have had my Nitro MT stadium truck for about 5 months and I have totally rechanged everything, here is my list:

Powerline aluminum front and rear knuckles
HPI titanium turnbuckles
MIP front and rear cvd's
Powerline aluminum steering with ball bearings
Powerline aluminum steering plate
Powerline aluminum upper deck
Powerline 4mm chassis
HPI receiver cover
Front and rear powerline aluminum shocks
On road rims and v-groove tires
Dirthawg tires and rims
Airtronics fm transmitter mx-3
Duratrax 15 tooth clutch bell
HPI slipper clutch with a steel 49-tooth spur gear
HPI fiber disc brake
Fuel filter
Braided fuel lines
Silverado body
HPI racing clutch
T-maxx header
Motor saver air filter
Epic .18 engine
Flash and point infrared temp gauge
CVEC dual Exhaust pipe
Hitec HS-625MG steering Servo
16 AA NiMH batteries
2 HPI receiver NIMH battery packs
Piranha AC/DC charger
Mossdog bumpers
Venom failsafe
Venom speed meter
Powerline front and rear shock mounts
Powerline front c-hubs
crazy nut racing epic heat sink head

That's about it for now. Also maybe an aluminum three shoe clutch and flywheel. I also want to change my shock towers, but I will not buy those I think I will make them because my brother has a little metal shop in his basement. And I think I will keep the arms plastic because if I change them to aluminum and crash then they will bend, at least the plastic will give a little before breaking. All the parts I have bought are all very good and strong; I haven't had any problem with any of them so far. The only thing I am concerned of is the cvd's and how they will with stand the power of the epic .18 engine. The infrared temp gauge I got is this new one by DuraTrax it is a Flashpoint Infrared Temperature Gauge and only cost about 24.99 from towerhobbies. This thing is pretty good for being so cheap. Itís pretty accurate and is very handy if you have more then one RC truck. I also like the venom speed meter, because you don't have to estimate your speed anymore. Also it is a voltage reader and an odometer and that is cool.